I've (finally) started taking flying lessons. This is something I've wanted to do as long as I can remember, and which I've come relatively close to several times- for example, when I was 16, I tried to get an Airforce ROTC scholarship as a freshman at USC, and hoped to be able to learn to fly as part of the training, or at least have it be convenient and inexpensive, but it turned out you had to be 17 to qualify for a scholarship and I wasn't really interested in just being in ROTC if they weren't going to be paying for my expensive college education. That summer, I was all set to get a job a dispatcher (scheduler, really) for a flight school in Burbank, where I pretty much expected I'd sign my checks over to one of the instructors every week for lessons, but Economic Challenges that year turned out to mean that the people who usually took the summer off from the school to do other things, leaving my job available, didn't do that, so I ended up working at Taco Bell, where at least i got to keep my paychecks. About eight years later, I took ground-school at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, which I did fine in, but didn't bother to take the FAA written exam since I didn't feel I could afford actual flying lessons yet.

So, now i'm taking lessons with Robin Ziegler, through the Santa Cruz Flying Club, out of Watsonville, CA (WVI), an uncontrolled airport in Santa Cruz County (the only active airport in the county).

This page will, I hope chronicle my new endeavors. Given how I am, this area should get pretty well filled with lots of pictures, at least.


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