Qarin Van Brink, Flight Log

Lesson Number Date Time Instructor Plane Hours Comments
0 25 Mar 1999 4pm Robin Ziegler C150 N18697 .5 Intro Flight at Santa Cruz Flying Club. Did some turns, some stalls, some orientation. about .5 on the ground as well.
1 1 Apr 1999 10am Robin Ziegler C150 N18697 .9 Lots of turbulence! Good experience, though- got past some of my fears of such things. Good practice with false-aerodynamics (increase throttle, plane goes... down?). Only got a little motion sickness at about .8 hours.
2 9 Apr 1999 10am Robin Ziegler C150 N18697 1.0 Perfect, beautiful, fabulous day. I remembered why i need to fly. Played in and around the clouds (they make fine airborne pylons for control practice). Robin demonstrated a soft field landing at Monterey Bay Academy, and I got a much better feel for landing back at Watsonville.
3 14 Apr 1999 10am Robin Ziegler C150 N10557 .9 Worked on controlled turns- climbing and descending to specific altitudes while making 90, 180, 270, and 360 degree turns. Kinda seriously sucked at everything today... push IN for more throttle for climbing, pull OUT for less throttle for descending... set the attitude FIRST... don't PUSH the damn nose down while turning if you want to climb or stay level...
4 27 Apr 1999 10am Robin Ziegler C150 N18697 1.0 Worked on ground reference manuevers at around 800', just north of moss landing (not over the water!), with about a 10mph wind from the west. My right turns are generally more controlled than my left, but my left turns are steeper and less weird feeling. I'm still losing focus on pitch when doing anything else, but i I think i'm starting to hear pitch (speed) changes better. Flew up the coast and practiced dutch rolls- when I get into it, these are fun and easy, though I definitely leaned more left than right (felt like the same angle to ME, but was clearly not nearly so steep tipping to the right). Almost felt like I did the landing.
5 4 May 1999 10am Robin Ziegler C150 N10557 1.1 Steep banked turns (45 degrees), minimum controllable airspeed, power-off stalls, slow flying, emergency landing, landing. Used the radio for the first time (announced take-off and entry to the 45. robin announced entry to downwind, and neither of us said anything entering base and final)- I'm looking forward to flying at a controlled field for much better radio practice. Had one bit of a scare, at MCA, slipping off to the left... instincts to panic and throw my hands up pretty much works in a Cessna 150. Everything else went great, though... kind of a rough landing, but next week is pretty much entirely pattern work.
6 11 May 1999 10am Robin Ziegler C150 N10557 1.1 All pattern work- take off, climb, turn left, carb heat on, engine to idle, flaps to 10degrees, turn left, keep turning left, nose down, nose DOWN, 75mph, NOSE DOWN, flaps to 20degrees, turn left, dropping too fast, nose too high, add power, power to idle, 75mph, back pressure, keep the wheels off the ground, back back too far back not forward!, THUMP, keep the nose wheel up, up, up, ok, brake, turn, landing light off, carb heat off, trim to takeoff, transponder to standby, taxi, 360, landing light on, transponder to alt, take off, climb, turn left, carb heat on... OK, so, it got better after that first one, to a landing I think was really pretty good after an hour. 6 landings, total, i think, one of which was a touch and go. Looking forward to flying being EASY.
14 May 1999 Received Medical Certificate Third Class And Student Pilot Certificate in the mail from the FAA today- my local FAA medical examiner felt he needed to send his results (and opinion that I should be allowed to fly) to the FAA for final approvale because of my asthma.
7 1 Jun 1999 11am Robin Ziegler C150 N10697 1.1 Three weeks between flight lessons- not so good, but i don't know that it *really* made much difference. i've been stressing about this lesson, because it is scheduled to include a spin demo (next lesson- some actual spin training). (un)fortunately, the ceiling was at 1800', which is not enough to practice spins (though if you ask my inner-self, there's no ceiling high enough for spinning). Instead, I just had a mediocre lesson- practiced S-turns over a straight line, and did a bunch of rudder-only stuff, which i found to be great fun and very helpful in its demonstration of aerodynamics- put the left wing down, hands off the yoke, right rudder- left wing comes back up! Just like it's supposed to. Shove the plane over and down to the right- left rudder brings you right back to normal. Rudder + throttle = full control (well, sort of) of the plane. All good pre-spin things, too, I guess, so it's good I enjoyed it. Flew to the Marina airport (a ghosttown of a place)- much narrower runway than Watsonville, and right traffic. I was... not so good. One bad landing, one aborted landing, and I was ready to go home, so we did. Landing back at Watsonville was much nicer.

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