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Trip Dates: May 25, 2000 - May 30, 2000

Route: Atlanta to Conyers (no pictures), Conyers to Senoia and back, Conyers to Lone Pine (no pictures), Lone Pine to Florence, Florence to The Mountain, The Mountain to Elberton, Elberton to Atlanta

Distance: Approximately 1100 miles by rental car

People:James and Qarin

Senoia, GA

On the left is a pretty house on the "edge" of town (how much of an edge does a town of 300 people have?). The middle and right hand pictures are of the house where James' mother, Jean, spent quite a while growing up. It was owned by her grandmother who was known as Brooksie Mama (I don't know the family spelling of that). Jean lived there in the 1940's and 50's, I gather.

Florence, AL

The pictures on the left and right are of the house in Florence, Alabama that James grew up in. It's about three blocks from the main drag of the old (and only) downtown, and just a few more blocks from the University of Northern Alabama. in the middle is Fred's! It's a corner discount store in Florence... We thought of Fred when we saw it.

The Mountain (Smoky Mountains, NC)

After driving from Florence Alabama to the base of the mountains we were heading up, we stopped to get gas and saw this incredible double rainbow- they were both bright and complete, and this is the nicest picture i got of it.

Views and pictures from the observation tower at The Mountain Retreat & Learning Centers, Inc...

Views and pictures from our hike to the next hill over from The Mountain...

The "lake" at The Mountain. Looks like it makes a great swimming hole...

On our way out down from the mountain we passed a store, in front of which was this Model A Ford. Needs some work, but looks great!

Elberton, GA

Ok. This was just weird. These stones are granite (Elbert County is pretty much Land Of Granite- there are over 100 granite quarries in the county), and were commissioned by ... oh, heck, I'll just link to a page I found some of the story on- you should be able to read the inscription (the "guide") on the second and fourth pictures here, and it's written out in text at this page.