Qarin Van Brink

=Highlights of Qualifications=
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Many years experience with computers, programming, and networking
  • Excellent Web Research skills
  • Specialization in UNIX and Macintosh system programming
  • Particularly good at bug fixing and feature enhancements
  • Comfortable communicating technical concepts to non-technical people
  • Skilled with C, C++, sh, perl, php programming
  • Management skills and experience
  • Start-up management experience
  • Strong ability to work with programmers and other technical people
=Additional Information=
  • Special areas of knowledge and expertise include Juggling, Parenting, Networking, Computer Programming, and Homeschooling

=Professional Experience=
2015-present Inspire Charter Schools
Parent Ordering System Administrator/Tech support
Parent Advocacy Team
  As an administrator of the ordering system, kept data updated and performed data verification; also assisted parents and teachers in the use of the system.

Current duties involve assisting parents in the workings of the school, aiding relationships between teachers and families, editing and proofreading a weekly information publication, as well as helping team with all technical/back end information systems, such as databases, Eventbrite, Google Drive, etc.
2005-2012 ISIPP: Institute for Spam and internet Public Policy (part-time, remote)
Systems Administration
  DNS/Bind configuration and ongoing updates for customers; network and systems updates and troubleshooting as necessary. PHP/Mysql back-end web development.
2002-2003 Habeas, Inc., Palo Alto, CA
Web Developer
  As the first employee of this Anti-Spam start-up, was responsible for all technical aspects of the company, including database design and development using MySQL, internet domain administration, UNIX (Freebsd) system administration, and the development of an online legal contract. Also developed tools to interface with the database for the company's administrative staff and external users, as well as automated tools to pull information from the database into the domain name system.
2002 Google, Inc., Mountain View, CA
Web Researcher (Contract)
  As an in-house web researcher for Google Answers, answered questions posed by users to start the service out.
My Answers, as "jaq-ga."
2001 Microsoft, Inc., Mountain View, CA
Macintosh QA Engineer (Contract)
  Performed user level testing on Entourage, the email client part of Office:Mac (for OS X).
1999-2000 Tycho Networks, Inc./, Santa Cruz, CA
VP of Technical Operations
  After merger of Tycho Networks with, continued with the company to help the west coast operation get integrated smoothly with the larger company in New Haven, CT.
1997-1999 Tycho Networks, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA
Founder, VP of Technical Operations
  As a founder of this Internet Service Provider, ran the customer service and internal network services departments, as well as providing senior management to the company as a whole. From its founding in 1997, the company was funded with two rounds of angel financing, purchased the assets of Scruz-Net from the bankrupt Netsource, Inc., and built up to $2million annual revenue.
1996-1997 Netsource, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA
Director, Internet Operations
  After sale of scruz- net, continued with Netsource as its Director of Internet Operations, running the ISP portion of this telecommunications corporation.
1993-1996 Scruz-Net, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA
Founder, President/CEO
  Founded this early Internet Service Provider with two partners, working fulltime from early 1995 as the company grew to become a medium sized regional provider. Performed most executive functions for merger with Netsource , Inc. Responsible for design and implementation of billing software, network administration, UNIX system administration, employee management, and all the other things required of the owner of a small business in California.
1994-1995 Fractal Design Corporation, Santa Cruz, CA
Macintosh Software Engineer
  Design and development of Macintosh paint software. Was the primary engineer responsible for the PowerMac port of Painter 3.0. Also worked on the Japanese version of Dabbler. Responsible for fixing bugs reported by internal QA department in the Macintosh and PowerMac versions of Painter and Dabbler.


Bachelors of Arts - Mathematics - U.C. Santa Cruz