Fort Funston in San Francisco, California, is a beautiful place- cliffs overlook a wonderful, large beach where dogs are allowed offleash... and boy do they love it!

On May 13, 2000, a group of Miniature Australian Shepherds got together at Fort Funston; several of us took pictures. You can see Caleb's dad's pictures at Caleb's page (see the travel section), and Maestro's family's page at their Fort Funston trip page.

For my pictures, click on a thumbnail to see a larger version (from there, an even larger version may be available, if you're really not bandwidth-impaired).

Caleb and Rudi Pose

Good Day for a Run (Rudi & stranger-dog)

Ball ball ball? (caleb)

Caleb and his driver, Dale

Trying to pose the dogs...

Success! Almost... (Maestro, Rudi, Shelby, Caleb)
Maestro and Rudi (and Maestro's mom)
Maestro's Family


Rudi and Shelby play.

Finally, everyone was there! (Caleb, Scotty, Katie, Rudi, Shelby)

Pictures were taken with a Nikon F4 and Kodak Gold 100 film. My scanner is Not So Great, and i'm not terribly pleased with these scans. If you are the owners of any of the dogs in these pictures, please feel free to ask me for copies of prints with your dogs in them (or any you especially like).

All pictures are copyright 2000, Qarin Van Brink.

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