From a Dog to His Crabby Owner

by Kristine Jones

When you first brought me home with you,
You used to like to play.
You promised me that in your heart
Forever I would stay.

Something's happened lately
And I don't know what to do.
It's time that I remind you
Of why God sent me to you.

Your voice is loud and angry
When you're talking on the phone.
You growl a lot and say
That I should just leave you alone.

You know that I can't do that,
It's the crime of canine crimes,
I will be right there by your side
In both good and bad times.

I know there's human things
That I will never understand,
But I think that I am helping
When I lick your tired hand.

I hope I make you happy
When I fetch my favorite toy,
It used to be a lot of fun
It used to bring you joy.

You used to like to talk to me
And look into my eyes,
You knew there was a great spirit
Behind a canine disguise.

I love you even though you're mad
Your voice I will obey,
I hope that you still love me, too,
Although you will not say.

I'll remind you now
Of why I came here from above,
To give to you and teach you
All about pure selfless love.

So remember this about those things
That make you seem so sad,
You'd realize, if you'd play with me,
That nothing's quite that bad.

Love always,
Your dog.